Considerations When Buying a Nanny Camera

The idea of using nanny cameras is still new to most people who employ nannies to look after their kids. With a nanny camera, you will have peace of mind because you will know whether your children are being treated properly or not. Presented below are some hints that will help you to select the best nanny cam for your home.


Wireless or Wired Camera

Wired nanny cams are connected to your homes electrical system while wireless systems use batteries and depend on wireless signals to transmit images. Wired versions tend to be much expensive, difficult to set up and replace. However, they are a lot stable and provide a high-end signal. Furthermore, other devices in your home cannot affect its signal. Wireless cameras are easy to set up, simple to hide and thus cheap to buy and replace. However, the signals that come from wireless signals can be interfered with, and the chances are that you will not get high quality recorded images.

Outdoors or Indoors

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Though most people only think about installing nanny cams in their homes, statistics indicate that numerous mistreatments can happen within your compound and not necessarily inside the home. For this reason, it is advisable to set up a waterproof nanny cam outside your home too.

Recording Format

Nanny cams can be set to record for a given period of time. However, you need to set your nanny cam to use a recording format that will not consume a lot of space in its hard drive. If you want to save space in your nanny cam’s hard drive, you should consider using the VHS or videotape format as it is affordable and produces high-quality footage though it is a bit outdated. Some nanny cams use DVD format while others use DVE format. After recording the videos in your format of choice, some nanny cams will automatically upload the footages that they record online so that you will still get them when your camera is destroyed or stolen.

Virtual Access

Various types of nanny camera give you the chance to access their videos online or through your smartphone virtually. Such cameras come with mobile alerts, remote access as well as cloud-based features that will cost you a few dollars to run yearly or monthly.


The best nanny cams are easy to operate and have DIY systems with easy navigation as well as set up directions. If your camera is hard to use then recording videos with it might prove to be an uphill task.


You should have a budget before you go out and start shopping for your nanny cam. Otherwise, you might end up overspending. If money is not the problem, go for high-quality systems that come with multi-cameras and amazing features.